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Our ethos, distilled from our collective multi-decades of experience, involves curating a team of lovely, talented folk to craft films we can take pride in - all while scaling organically to fit within budget.

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BOULDER is an LA-based production company with a passion for filmmaking at its heart.

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Working with artists in Japan, Boulder offers a full range of animation and motion graphic services for an accessible budget. Known as the mecca of animation, Japan holds some of the best talent in the world with incredibly high standards. Seasoned artists offer a wide variety of animation styles to find the perfect look for a concept.


Drawing from our extensive network, we cover everything from concept to post, ensuring a harmonious work-flow that maximizes every ounce of a project’s potential.

  • Concept Writing
  • Branded Content
  • Commercial
  • Corporate Video
  • 2D Animation / Motion GFX
  • Branded Documentary Films
  • Photography
  • Edit
  • Music
  • Celebrity / Influencer Casting

Our Producers

Yes, we can do all the bells & whistles but sometimes we know it's the still, calm voice that speaks the loudest. Ultimately, we strive to make our clients happy, and we’re eager to run the extra mile to help elevate their creative goals.